Recommended Chess Equipment

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Mousepad Chess Board (22 inch square)


Unrolls flat every time, unlike normal vinyl boards that get creased when folded or rolled up.  Comes in two sizes, 20 inch and 22 inch.








Premier Tournament Chess Set Bag



This bag holds a rolled up chess board, chess pieces, chess clock, scoreboards, pencils and more.  Perfect for keeping all your chess related gear in one place and perfect for travel, especially tournaments. Padded compartments to protect chess pieces and expensive chess clocks.






Buddy Board (Teaching Companion)



A perfect gift for a student new to chess.  The board is made of vinyl and shows all the basic rules of chess including: how each piece moves, rules for castling, en passant, check, checkmate, and standard values for each chess piece.






Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces – Color Half Set




Want a little variety compared to the standard black and white chess pieces?  Here is your chance to mix two interesting colors into one chess set.  The King is 3 3/4 ” tall and has a 1 1/2 ” base. These pieces are nicely weighted–two half sets, (which make up one full set,) weighs well over 2 pounds. Each half set comes with 17 pieces of the same color so you get the bonus of an extra queen. Be sure to order two colors so you will have a complete set for both sides of the board.





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