1. Chess Club starts at 6:30AM on Friday mornings. Please be on time.
  2. Be polite to your fellow students, coaches and parents. Follow Spicewood IB attributes and attitudes.
  3. No eating, drinking, running, or horseplay.
  4. Chess pieces and clocks are breakable. Treat Chess Club property kindly.
  5. If you find Chess Bucks, they are not yours. Turn in to your coach immediately. 
  6. Do not leave Chess Club until you are dismissed by your coach. Then go directly to your class. If you will have to leave early, tell your coach at the beginning of Chess Club. 
  7. Chess Club should be fun. If you have any problems, tell your coach immediately.

A wooden ruler with the words The Rules to represent laws, regulations, limits or guidelines meant to tell you what is allowable or forbidden behavior or activity