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Video for Pawns to Watch

Coach James will be showing the following video at this week’s club meeting.  It reviews what “check” means, how to check your opponent and how to get your King out of check.  If you have time before the meeting, he asks that all Pawns watch this video to be well prepared for Friday. 

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Club Meeting September 25th, 2015

The Panther pawns will review the following two videos:

Every chess game begins with the opening — but what moves should you play? FM Mike Klein shows you the fundamentals behind the ideas of good openings, so you know why to play them, not just how. Learn how important controlling the center is in a chess game, and apply that lesson to your choice of first moves.

Chesskid video: First Moves

Howcast video: 3 Basic Opening Stratety Principles

The Knights, Rooks and Kings will review the following video on the Ruy Lopez opening:

The Ruy Lopez is one of the most popular openings in chess. We will look at some of the common themes you might see when playing the Ruy Lopez.


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Beginner Chess Player Recommendations


Spending 10 minutes a night playing chess with your child, or having them play their sibling(s) will make a huge difference. If you are a beginner parent, learn chess along with your child. Chess has less rules than Monopoly. Allow your child to play on Leaving your chess board out and set up ready to play, greatly increases the amount of chess played by your child.

A good chess set with roll up board and algebraic notation is strongly recommended. Learning to identify the squares on the chess board significantly increases the speed at which a beginner player is able to learn. This set which has a missing piece guarantee, can be used by your child and family for years:


Tournaments are integral in building confidence, teaching self-reliance and how to compete. Beneficial on many levels, not just for chess. Most children who attend will play as much chess in a single day as they do in a month of Chess Club. Students play their peers. Many develop friendships that last for years.

Strongly recommended by the Chess Club Coaches. This great hardback, kid-friendly book can be used for the first and second year of Chess Club. It significantly contributes to and augments the students’ understanding and enjoyment of chess. The Spicewood Chess Club beginner program is based loosely on this book. It’s a great investment. Amazon link




REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT ON WWW.CHESSKID.COM Spicewood Elementary Chess Club Students are online a few times a week. Children who frequently play on this site improve very quickly. Allows children to play independently. Free version allows children to play their friends from Chess Club, as well as children from all over the world. Gold account allows access to wealth of educational tools, including video’s and puzzles. The site tracks the kids’ chess (non-USCF) rating in real time.

DinosaurChessDINOSAUR CHESS App!/id405842432?mt=8
Excellent teaching tool for beginner players.

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