How to start a game of chess requires an opening strategy.  There are many popular openings with colorful names to help remember them.

There is a great description and classification of common chess openings on Wikipedia that is worth study.

Test Your Opening Knowledge 1

Test Your Opening Knowledge 2

Here is a list of some of the more famous openings with links to Wiki pages and Youtube videos.

Opening NameWiki LinkTraining VideosWhite Win PercentageBlack Win PercentageDraw Percentage
Danish GambitWikiYoutube Video443620
Cochrane GambitWikiYoutube Video392239
Scotch GambitWikiYoutube Video453025
King's GambitWikiYoutube Video433720
Halloween GambitWikiYoutube Video342739
Latvian GambitWikiYoutube Video503317
Fried Liver AttackWikiYoutube Video393427
Slav DefenseWikiYoutube Video392338
London SystemWikiYoutube Video572122
Caro KannWikiYoutube Video382834
French DefenseWikiYoutube Video403030
Ruy LopezWikiYoutube Video402733
Nimzo-Indian DefenseWikiYoutube Video333037
Silician DefenseWikiYoutube Video373429