Casis Elementary Tournament Results

20 Spicewood Elementary students participated in the Casis Elementary Chess Tournament on Saturday, March 7th 2015. After 5 rounds of chess, plenty of practice chess in the cafeteria and some outdoor playtime, we had a number of students win medals and trophies in their respective sections.  Congratulations to all of our students who participated in this tournament.

Below are two videos of Robert Dodd playing simultaneous games of chess with students in between tournament rounds.


Congratulations to the following students who participated:

Noah CushK-1 U3002.5 points (only 2 rounds)
Chris Macartney-FilgateK-3 U3003.5 points (Trophy)
Draden JonesK-3 U3003.0 points (Medal)
Rachel YangK-3 U5003.0 points (Medal)
Jhivan RavichandranK-3 U5002.5 points
Sophia HuangK-3 U5001.5 points
Ethan TangK-33.0 points (Medal)
Tianwen GaoK-33.0 points (Medal)
Niko McMullenK-33.0 points (Medal)
Sambit KanjilalK-32.0 points
Vishnu DokkaK-32.0 points
Aryan PunalekarK-31.0 point
Catherine RayK-5 U5002.0 points
Bowen RavichandranK-5 U8002.5 points
Aakash NagarahalliK-5 U8002.0 points
Dhruv PathakK-53.0 points
Patrick Macartney-FilgateK-52.5 points
Isaac JonesK-52.0 points
Eric GaoK-124.0 points (Trophy)
Ethan YangK-122.0 points