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This is the first post from Dmitriy. Ha ha. Not really. But this is a test to make sure his new account works and he has access to post new messages. Look forward to all kinds of greatness to follow.

Dmitriy will probably test to see if he can edit or delete this post 🙂

Update: he will not.


Unfortunately our website was hacked in 2022. The hackers added code to many files that made it inoperable for many months. I have finally rid the files of their handiwork and the site seems to be back up and running like it was before. It is not as nice looking as it was, but I will slowly work to get it back to the way it was before.

Chess club is starting September 9th!!!

Great news everyone.   Our chess club is preparing for club meetings starting on Friday, September 9th.   6:40 to 7:40AM in the library as usual.  

Dmitriy Belyi will be leading the group and is looking for as many interested parents to help get the club up and running again.  If you are interesting in helping, please contact him at dmitriy.belyi@gmail.com

Here is the flyer that will be going out to all students soon:

New Volunteers needed

Good afternoon everyone. 
The good news is that the school district is going to allow clubs this year. The bad news is that I am stepping down as a volunteer for the Chess club. My original plan was to continue leading the club, but now that two years have passed and my 4th grade daughter is no longer interested in Chess club, I am stepping down from this position. I started working with the Chess club when my son was in Kindergarten which was now 9 years ago!
For those still interested in the Chess club, they are going to need new volunteers to help start up the club this year. I contacted Mrs Reeb and Mrs Mikolay about who at Spicewood should chess club volunteers contact. Mrs. Mikolay was our club sponsor pre-pandemic and she said she is ready to be the sponsor this year. If you are interested in helping get the chess club on its feet this year, I think the first step will be to contact our sponsor.
Mrs Reeb still has all of our chess supplies, books, chess boards, chess pieces, etc and it is all ready for use. I will update the spicewoodchess.org website with this information as well as our Facebook page.
I am more than happy to help answer any questions the new volunteers might have but I am not going to be active in the club.
Thank you,
Chris Jones
Draden and Charlotte’s dad

Pizza Party November 2nd 2019

The Spicewood Elementary Chess Club is having a party at the Spicewood Elementary school on Saturday November 2nd from 10:00 to 2:00pm.  The event is for 4 hours with pizza arriving around noon.  We know Saturday’s are a busy day with lots of sports and other activities, so this event is designed for you to come and go as you please.  Swing by for only 30 minutes or stay the whole time.  

We will be playing Chess and having fun with our friends. We will have coaches available to work with the students. This is the week before the Casis Elementary Scholastic Chess tournament, so we will be helping the kids prepare for the tournament as well as have fun with our special chess sets including our light up chess boards, our 4 player chess sets, our Musketeer variant chess pieces (elephant, unicorn, dragon, leopard, etc)

We have also invited some of our friends from other local elementary Chess clubs as well as local chess teachers and experts.

The club will be providing Pizza and we ask parents to signup to bring other items needed for the party such as drinks, plates, utensils, etc. This is also a potluck, so we encourage parents to bring cookies, snacks, etc.  There is a signup sheet for Parents to RSVP and let us know what item/items you can volunteer to bring.  Please remember no food containing nuts!