Rooks and Kings: Fried Liver Attack

Fried LiverThe Rooks and Kings groups will be reviewing the Fried Liver attack at this week’s meeting.

The Fried Liver Attack, also called the Fegatello Attack (named after an Italian idiom meaning “dead as a piece of liver”), is a classic chess opening. This colorfully named opening is a variation of the Two Knights Defense in which White sacrifices a knight for an attack on Black’s king.

The Fried Liver has been known for many centuries, the earliest known example being a game played by Giulio Cesare Polerio around 1610.

The Fried Liver Attack is a super aggressive opening that derives from the two knights defense in the Italian game. White looks to sacrifice his knight on f7 so that he can take initiative and start a great assault against the black king. Black has to be on his toes and has to play very careful or else he will find himself checkmated very fast.

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