Casis Elementary Chess Tournament Results

The chess club participated in the Casis Elementary chess tournament held on January 30th, 2016.  The tournament had over 400 participants and we had 48 students from Spicewood attend.  (12% were from Spicewood!)   Our students did great winning two 1st place and three 2nd place team trophies.  Individual awards were given to 11 students who won trophies and 16 students who won medals for their performances. We had quite a few new students do well who have only been playing chess since September.  The students worked really hard the last few months and it paid off. Great job Spicewood students!

Congratulations to the students who won trophies:  Darryl Tang, Bryan Lee, Jacob Li, David Liu,  Jameson Murphy-Hall, Sambit Kanjilal, Annika Shivam,  Shalin Lakhia, Marvel Chung, Aakash Nagarahalli and Ivan Leong.

Congratulations to the students who won medals:  Marcus Fung, Varun Sanghavi, William Du, Reett Aulakh,  Jack Megnin, Aria Mitra, Milo Garcia, David Li, Kavin Thiyagarajan, Alina Du, Brandee Benson,  Ethan Fung, Raghav Aggarwal, Dhruv Pathak, Ethan Tang and Tianwen Gao.

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