Club Meeting November 6th, 2015

At last Friday’s club meeting, the Pawns reviewed two training videos.  The first one on the Ruy Lopez opening, also known as the Spanish opening.

Chesskid video:   What is the Ruy Lopez?

The second video that the Pawns reviewed was about a great tactic known as the fork which is where a single piece makes two or more direct attacks simultaneously.

Chesskid video:  Tactics: The Fork!

The Knights reviewed a Chesskid video on outposts which is a square on the fifth, sixth, or seventh rank which is protected by a pawn and which cannot be attacked by an opponent’s pawn. Outposts are a favorable position from which to launch an attack, particularly using a knight.

Chesskid video: Outposts

The club also purchased and donated a booster amplifier for use in the library to make the overhead speaker system easier to hear.  We tested the amplifier after the meeting and the overhead speakers can get very loud, making it easy for the coaches to drown out the kids when they get overly rambunctious.   Ms. Reeb was very appreciative for the donation and help setting up the new amp.

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