Last Club Meeting of the Year

Today was our last club meeting of the school year.  We celebrated by bringing out the LED Chess sets and the 4 way Chess sets for kids to play.  Ms. Kim also stopped by and spoke to the group to tell them they did a great job this year and to encourage them to keep playing Chess over the summer.  We also let the graduating 5th graders say a few words of encouragement to the rest of the club and we wished them well as they move on to Canyon Vista Middle School.  We are sure to see them at Chess tournaments next year.

Here are a few photos from today’s meeting. (Thanks to Marlon Revelett for the photos)

Next week, there will be no Chess club meeting, but we are asking parents that are available to meet in the Library at 6:40AM-7:40AM to help organize, clean and store all of the Chess Club equipment.  We plan to disinfect all chessmen and boards before storing them over the summer and request your help next week.  Parents that attend next week’s organization meeting can bring their kids if they want to also help.