Upcoming Pizza Party and Potluck October 22nd

pizza-party-voteThe Spicewood Chess Club is holding our annual party at the Spicewood Elementary school on Saturday October 22nd morning from 10:00 to 1:45.

We will be playing Chess and having fun with our friends.   We will have a few coaches available to work with the students.  We will also have out our fun chess sets, LED lightup boards, 4 player chess, marble chess set, etc.

We have also invited some of our friends from the Laurel Mountain Elementary school Chess club as well as local chess teachers and experts.

The club will be providing Pizza and we ask parents to signup to bring other items needed for the party such as drinks, plates, utensils, etc.  This is also a potluck, so we encourage parents to bring cookies, snacks, etc.  Please bring something to share.  Please remember no food containing nuts.