Casis Elementary Tournament Results

Last weekend, 31 Spicewood chess club members attended the Casis Elementary School chess tournament.   The tournament consisted of 5 rounds of games each worth 1 point.  In total, our kids scored a total of 81 out of a possible 155 points. (52%) Overall, our team won team trophies in 4 sections:  2nd place in sections K-3 U500 and K-3 U800.  3rd place in sections K-5 U800 and K-5 Any.

Five Spicewood students received trophies for scoring in the top percentile of their groups:  Gavin Wang (5th place in K-3 U300), Vincent Yang (4th place in K-3 U500), Ramzi Matous (1st place in K-5 U300), Marvel Chung (2nd place in K-5 U800) and Kavin Thiyagarajan (4th place in K-5 U800).

Ten Spicewood students received medals for scoring in the second percentile of their groups: Joyce Song, Draden Jones, Bryan Lee, Varun Sanghavi, Isaac Zhang, Yifan Qiu, Alexander Ho, Raghav Aggarwal, Ivan Leong and Aryan Punalekar.

Congratulations to all of the participants.  Each will receive special commemorative $5 Chess bucks for participation shown in the photos below.  On one side, it shows a photo of Lilia May Casis who the school was named after.  She was the first female professor at the University of Texas at Austin to be honored with a full professor title in 1916 teaching romance languages.  On the other side of the Chess buck is an image of Lilia’s sister, Josephine Ramona Casis who was a lifelong primary school teacher for 33 years at the original Palm School. The two sisters were born in Kingston, Jamaica around 1870 and moved to Texas in 1890.

If you have photos from the tournament, please send them to Chris Jones at


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