Chess Club Returns This Friday

back-to-school-clipart-summerThe Chess club welcomes all students back to school and hope everyone had a relaxing and fun summer vacation.

Friday, August 26th is the first Friday of the new school year and we invite all returning chess club members to attend starting at 6:30AM. New students are invited to start attending next Friday, September 2nd.

Make sure you follow the 4 easy steps to signup: 1) fill out the student registration form, 2) volunteer for door monitor slots, 3) volunteer for open chess club volunteer positions and finally 4) give your registration fee checks to Mrs. Reeb in the library.

At this Friday’s meeting for returning students, we will show a video on the Ruy Lopez opening. The Ruy Lopez is one of the most popular openings in chess. The video reviews some of the common themes you might see when playing the Ruy Lopez.