New Chess Bucks

chess-bucks-in-monopoly-colors-2At today’s club meeting, we handed out newly designed Chess bucks to each student.  Our old Chess bucks were getting a bit beat up and we were running out of the lower denominations, so instead of just printing new versions of the same design, we decided to redesign them.

Chris Jones did the redesign work and based it on Monopoly money.  We have 6 different denominations, $1, $2, $3, $4, $5 and $10.   Each has a front and backside.  On one side is a photo of a famous Chess grandmaster and on the other side is another grandmaster.  Most of them were rivals against each other, like Bobby Fischer vs. Boris Spassky or Garry Kasparov vs. Anatoli Karpov.  We also added chess pieces to represent the value of the chess buck, so the $1 chess buck has a single pawn.  The $5 chess buck has a rook, etc.  (The kids will know the values of each chess piece)

We plan to release special limited edition Chess bucks in the future with new and different portraits as well as special bucks for tournaments, etc.

Click the photo of the new Chess bucks to see all the new designs. If you have ideas for future Chess bucks, please let us know.